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The Easy Step-By-Step School For Dog Owners 

Organized To Help You Succeed in Raising A Well-Mannered, Peaceful, HAPPY Dog.

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Hey there! I'm Marisa, & this is my fur-baby, Manfred. 

We learn so much by our mistakes, & I have made many. So logically, I can say that I have a great deal to tell you!!

Jokes aside. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work & train under some of Atlanta's finest dog trainers & partner with some of the most respected breeders. 
I learned so much about canine psychology, behavior, & development in these years & I can't help but pour it all out to you!

My life has been a great journey of self-discovery, & my fluffy ones have been the best compliment to my already beautiful life. I want everyone to experience this - that a dog in the house does not have to be a 'headache' or limiting to your lifestyle. A dog can be trained to respect house rules & behave with gentility. 

When a puppy is raised with the kind of support, habits, and training that I have put together for you, both your lives will change completely. A well-trained dog lives a happier life, they have more freedoms, & they are appreciated by all. These kinds of dogs have happy & relieved owners, who feel that their pup has truly become an integrated member of the family. 


> I grew up in Atlanta, & after high school I moved to Italy & worked as a missionary for 6 years.  I speak Spanish & Italian (along with English).

> Manfred is from South Carolina. The breeders, Mr. & Mrs. Niske, have the following website if you are interested in their puppies.
Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles

> I love baking & cooking, musical theater, painting, exercising, & making people laugh.

> Manfred loves car rides, eating carrots, & hiding his most valuable toys/treats in the couch cushions.
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The HeyRis Online Puppy School is a 'no-nonsense,' direct resource for dog owners. We are here to help you successfully integrate a new dog into your home & lifestyle. 

We are dedicated dog owners, but we are also passionate about all things in education & self-betterment. Fair warning - life lessons sometimes come up in conversation & in training!


The idea of creating online courses came up because too often, we see dog owners scrambling to manage both their lives & tend to their dogs' needs. As well, there are thousands of families avoiding the thought of a puppy, even though they would really like to have one, because it "would only add chaos to their already busy lives."

Life is chaotic & unpredictable, but your dog should not be!

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Your home needs to be a place of peace & stability. For this to happen, EVERY family member needs to learn to do their part (dogs included). We believe that by helping families train their dogs to be calm, show house manners, and behave, there will be more happiness & collective growth in the family. 

We are committed to your success & confidence. We are here for you to help you discover the highest quality of canine companionship. 

We are here to establish the most integrated, useful, & successful online puppy school & training program worldwide. Owners that strengthen the relationship with their canine companions will also find strength in other aspects of their lives.


Our primary emphasis is on reward based training, but we understand the need to set clear boundaries. In training, we use operant conditioning & LIMA approach. LIMA is the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive method possible in every training case. 


We do not introduce any form of correction to a dog until we are completely certain the dog knows exactly what we are asking them to do.

We believe that every dog owner can learn how to construct strong bonds of trust & obedience with their animals through the use of positive reinforcement, interactive games, structure, consistency, proven & safe  training techniques, excellent timing, & understanding that each dog is an individual.


We customize our training programs to fit your dog & your lifestyle and we train dogs of all ages and breeds. Training practices are targeted towards each dog’s individual strengths, genetic make-up & natural desires to create engaging & impactful training experiences.


While dogs are our family members, we help in providing understanding that canines understand & communicate differently than humans do. The entire program is, in a way, teaching dog owners how to speak a new language, the canine language!


Reward based training is & always will be the foundation of our philosophy. We also teach the importance of physical and mental stimulation through obstacle courses, mini chores, games, and agility/balance tasks.


"Clear, consistent communication is the key; when that is lost, your dog is lost."

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